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August 2012: Tips, eNews, and More!

Apparently records really were made to be broken. With temperatures soaring and rain fall being minimal this has been another summer for the books. Hopefully the record breaking spirit continues to rub off on our Canadian athletes in London. If the weather and event scheduling work out, try to grab lunch on a local patio with an outdoor TV and cheer on our athletes!

Warm weather and watching athletes at their peak are great motivators to stay active. While you may not be headed to Rio for the 2016 games, perhaps you may take interest in one of the many sports featured in the Olympics. Training for a sport is a great way to maintain fitness as well as mental focus. If a sport catches your eye, look into local leagues and facilities, there is no better day than today to start!

Are you headed off to school next month? Many post secondary institutions offer health plans that include dental coverage. If you are enrolled in a post secondary program, remember to look into the coverage offered to you. Your new school schedule may keep you busy, remember to make your oral health a priority.

Have a great month,

Dr. Tsang and Team

Proper Brushing Technique

"Brush your teeth... round and round" we all remember the song. It's amazing, though, how many people still use improper brushing techniques. Brushing your teeth properly with a good tooth brush is your best line of defense against cavity-causing plaque between dental visits.

Improper brushing can be just as, if not more, harmful than plaque itself. Brushing too hard or using an improper tooth brush can erode enamel on the sides and tops of your teeth as well as damage your gums. Don't be discouraged though, proper brushing technique is easy and rewarding.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal, and especially before your go to sleep, as bacteria will remain unchallenged for an extended period while you sleep.

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Pink Ginger Lemonade

Are you having friends and family over for a get together? Spending time on the patio? Entertaining guests? It is hot, your guests are thirsty, but as you may recall, we recently advised you to stay away from serving sugary preservative filled drinks.

Did we hear someone say LEMONADE?
What a great idea! Homemade lemonades let you control the ingredients and flavour to the taste of your guests. While there are endless options for making lemonade, here is one to get you started.

Click here for the recipe.

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